COVID-19 policy.

Due to risks posed by COVID-19, visits are by appointment only. 
Capacity is limited to 6 visitors (from the same COVID-19 pod) at one time.

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A key question for many in the library field has been around the risk of infection through contact with materials carrying coronavirus. Clearly our understanding of any aspect of how the virus is spread is still at a relatively early stage, and so it is not possible to offer definitive advice, other than the universal recommendations on keeping hands clean and not touching faces.

We have taken these additional measures to keep The Little Library That Could safe for visitors and staff: 

  • Face covering is REQUIRED to enter the premises.
  • Hand-washing REQUIRED upon entrance to the premises.
  • All visitors REQUIRED to sign COVID-19 SAFETY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Liability Waiver and Release of Claims.
  • Staff temperatures are taken upon arrival.
  • Staff wearing face masks while dealing with visitors.
  • Social distancing signage throughout the Library. 
  • Increased cleaning of hard surfaces such as countertops.
  • Weather permitting, as many activities in the outdoor area of the Library as possible.
  • 3-day quarantining of returned library items.  Items will be checked in after quarantine.

Last modified: 08/15/2022

Download COVID-19 Waiver (PDF)